Rosacea may present in several forms.  Some people may have only redness and dilated blood vessels.  This is typically present on the nose, cheeks and chin.  People often feel that their skin is very sensitive.  This form is known as the erythemo-telangiectatic type of rosacea.  The mainstay in treatment is prevention.  Avoiding exacerbating factors such as the sun, hot and cold stimuli, alcohol and stress may help prevent worsening of the condition. Daily use of a broad spectrum sunscreen is highly recommended.  We can prescribe medications to prevent flares and to help temporaraily improve facial redness.  We also offer a series of Intense Pulsed Light treatments to improve the appearance of the redness and dilated blood vessels seen in this condition. 

The papulo-pustular type of rosacea presents with redness and “pimples”.  The addition of other topical medications and oral antibiotics in addition to the above mentioned remedies can be employed for this condition. 

Phymatous rosacea is seen commonly as thickening of the skin over the nose, chin and forehead.  This may lead to a bulbous appearance to these areas requiring cosmetic treatments to restrore the skin to its original shape. 

Ocular rosacea often presents with dry eyes and can be seen in association with any of the other types of rosacea. 

Peri-orificial dermatitis is considered my many as a subtype of rosacea.  Its causes are not easily identified.  People with this problem often notice multiple small red bumps in the areas around the nose, eyes and mouth.  Many creams and pills can be used to treat this common problem.